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DIY Hoodie Doggie Bed

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Dogs are just like family in our home, and we want them to feel comfortable and at ease.

One thing our boy Bruno loves is his crate with a nice home made doggie bed.  In the past, I’ve made him beds with cedar chips, poly-fill, and an old blanket.


I like recycling or re-using things that I already have in the house.  Old pillows are a great source for poly-fill for our furry friends.

Also blankets, pillow cases, and old clothing would make great supplies for a DIY Doggie Bed.
Our dog Bruno was was due for a new doggie bed and we had an old hoodie that doesn’t fit anyone I know.
He plays and digs a “nest” on his bed and ends up ripping holes in them. His living room bed had to be thrown away due to it just being so tattered.

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We thought this old hoodie would be a perfect doggie bed!

Doggie Beds

Sewing kits


  1. First cut off the hood. (Save the hood for a later project).2824E3C7-43BA-484E-A593-07672150A1C9
  2. Turn the hoodie inside out.
  3. Sew the ends of the sleeves closed and the base of the hoodie.
  4. Turn the hoodie back to outside out.
  5. Draw a line from armpit to armpit on the back and the front on hoodie.
  6. Sew up the inside of the arms from the tips of the sleeves up to the armpits.767E3F76-49B4-4E18-B373-09B17C41AB6E.jpeg
  7. Stuff the arms of the hoodie and the bottom portion of the bed under the armpit line.  (To see what it will look like, I added all the stuffing for the whole bed and then took out what would be in the top portion.)3782743B-6D39-4956-B48A-719FB93DF2D5
  8. Take out the stuffing for the top of the bed. (Bruno had to try it out.) (Stuffing taken out of 2-old pillows and re-torn/fluffed up in the middle of the living room)
  9. Stitch across the line you drew and match it to the line on the back.
  10. Stuff the left over stuffing back into the top.
  11. Bring the shoulders of the neckline together and sew up the collar.4327206D-89C6-47F7-BA5E-85A15995AAA3


Finished Hoodie Doggie Bed.

168DCD8A-C7DE-42E9-85F3-44EFB173BEE2Bruno Approved!

Let us know in the comments what projects you plan on doing and get back to us and tell us how they turn out!

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