Chicken Pot Pie

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Bake the Best Chicken Pot Pie with last nights Chicken dinner. 

This time of year is a great time to spend your free time with family and friends. Some of my most fond memories growing up was having large family gatherings for the holidays surrounded by amazing food.

Left over chicken pot pie.

My mom would make something wholesome and bring it to my grandparents house. That’s where our huge family would congregate and share a meal. It was always an all day event. Food brings family and friends together. It brings back so numerous memories for so many people.

After having so many people over and having so much food there is usually a ton of leftovers. My grandparents would have everyone take a little home with them.

Chicken dinner left overs are perfect for chicken pot pie.

Not everyone loves leftovers but there are crafty ways to renew a leftover and make it into something new and equally delicious.

Chicken pot pie Or Turkey Pot pie! I have this amazing crust that I use for the pie and then just add whatever left overs (chicken,& mixed veggies), add some onions and garlic and whatever herbs you enjoy (basil, sage, oregano, salt& pepper). It’s the best.

My delicious left over chicken pot pie.

Check out this video I made of my super flaky crust and pot pie recipe. Give it a try and leave a comment on how it turned out.

My favorite flaky pie crust paired with an Easy Chicken Pot pie recipe.
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