15 Things to Avoid Putting into your Compost

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15 Things to Avoid Adding into your Compost Bin.

How to Avoid Messing up your Compost Bin

Composting is an awesomely easy way to add totally free nutrients to your garden. Sometimes during the journey from the kitchen to the garden, there are bumps along the way.

Here are some common mistakes people make when they start composting. I am on a mission to help ordinary people avoid a failed composting attempt, and to help create and build an AWESOME compost for the garden.

15 things to avoid when starting your compost:

1. Distance of composting Bin is a hassle.
(Don’t put your bin too far away from the garden )

2. Not breaking down the browns enough.
(Sticks & other wood need to be chipped first)

3. Keep the fat out! No oils or animal fat.

4. Don’t add meat.

5. Putting dairy in the compost is not a good idea.

6. Pasta & processed food is also a bad to add.

Don’t put any processed food, dairy, or fat into your compost.

7. Having a compost pile that’s too wet.
(Proper drainage is important)

8. Having compost that is too dry.
(This is more important than too wet)

Dry compost won’t decompose properly.  If it gets too dry you must water your compost.

9. Never turning/mixing your compost.
(This is necessary to distribute all the browns and greens and allowing the proper breakdown of the materials.)

10. Glossy paper doesn’t belong in a compost bin.

Anything with plastic needs to stay out of the compost bin.

11. Don’t put plastic or other man made materials into your compost.

12. Accidentally adding metal utensils into your compost also is to be avoided.
(You don’t wanna keep buying new silverware, plus it’s not good for your compost)

13. Don’t add live weeds with roots.
(I chop weeds up with my spade before I put them in the compost, the stir it up after adding them in.)

14. Avoid making a Bin too small.
(It’s important not to over stuff the compost bin.)

15. Keep diseased/mildewy plants OUT.
(Doing so could allow the spread of disease or mildew to your new garden.)

After seeing what you don’t want to do now you wanna know how to build your compost the RIGHT way! Check out this post I wrote about how to do that.

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