DIY Pallet Compost Bin

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Build a Pallet Compost Bin in less than 30 mins!
DIY Recycled Pallet Compost Bin

The essential first step to a productive healthy garden is creating the perfect soil.

In our home we save vegetable scraps to put in our own compost bin. I made it out of recycled wooden pallets. A diy I did that took about 30 mins.

We obtained the pallets from a local feed farm for free!

We used them to build raised garden beds as well as build this quick compost bin DIY. I will go over the raised garden beds in a subsequent post.

Composting is a great way to reduce your families waste going into the landfill. It also keeps the nutrients from your scraps, in your garden, then in turn back into your vegetables.

Build your own backyard Compost bin can be done in less than 30 mins.

First things first, supplies needed:
-4 Pallets (Heat treated only, picture below of “HT” marking on pallets)(obtained for free)

Make sure you use Heat Treated pallets and not pressure treated.

-Two hinges
-Wood screws

Compost bin DIY Instructions:

1. Find a convenient location. Not too far from the garden but also hidden slightly if desired to hide the bin.

2. Put the three sides where you want the bin and start screwing the corners together. (you can add 4 corner posts if you desire more stability, we opted not to add the posts and it works fine.)

3. Take the 4th pallet and cut it in half to create a gate.

4. Attach bottom portion of pallet.

5. Line up the top part to be the gate and mark where to screw in hinges. Attach hinge to top pallet gate door before attaching to bin

6. Have someone help you attach gate to compost bin.

Hinges on the gate.

7. Voila you’re compost bin is built.

Now to build your compost within the bin.
You need greens and browns. Greens are the household veggie scraps. Browns are dead leaves and wood. Stir it all together and let magic happen.

We also added rabbit manure and worms from the ground around the compost bin.

Message me and let me know how yours turns out! There are so many awesome projects that you can use pallets for! Tell me about your projects in the comments. 

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