Building your Compost

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Having nutrient rich soil for your garden is important. A super easy way to get nutrient rich soil is start your own compost pile. Check out this DIY Pallet Compost Bin.

How to Build Your Compost:

It’s very important to have a good mix of different materials for your compost pile. 

Items to add to your Compost:
○ raw fruits
○ vegetables
○ egg shells
○ Coffee grounds and the filter
○ Newspapers, non-glossy cardboard, paper towels
○ Leaves (brown for carbon and green for nitrogen rich)
○ Grass clippings
○ Plant & flower clippings
○ Yard waste

Fresh fruit veggies and coffee are great items to add to your compost bin.

After you add your greens and browns into your compost pile mix it together.

Make sure it stays moist.  We also add bunny menure, and worms and soil from around the wooded area on our property.

Worms add BLACK GOLD to your compost. It’s amazing for the garden!

Black Gold are the casings of earth worms and  a great additive to fertilize your garden soil.

What can’t be composted?

○ Meats
○ Pasta
○ Dairy Products
○ Processed Foods
○ Plastic
○  Man made substances
○ Metals

Not everything should be composted. Dairy products should NOT be composted.

Keeping a compost is a great benifit for your garden and it keeps extra waste out of the land fills. It’s a win:win.

Plus it’s great knowing you’ll be nurishing your future vegetables in your garden for FREE! Give it a try! What are you waiting for!?

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